Tableau Portfolio - Artist's Statement
           I have always collected objects on impulse. In each case,
  there was always an aesthetic or spiritual (but not
  ecclesiastical) quality which could not be resisted. These
  objects lived very quietly with me for quite some time.
  Then, I received a request--that I give each of these
  objects a life of its own: that I grant each the ability to
  speak. Each object had something different to say and
  demanded a different "tableau". As photographer, I
  merely followed instructions and arranged each "tableau"
  to the specifications demanded.

       Each "tableau" reflects some quality of the object,
  but also reflects some quality that may exist within each
  of us. The camera gives the power to look at both. This
  duality extends to many aspects of the image. Light and
  dark. Temporary and permanent. Real and illusionary.
  Clear and distorted. Physical and emotional. Perhaps this
  duality is a way to transcend and to understand.

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