Orchidaceae Portfolio - Artist's Statement
        I raise and live with orchids. The blossoms of the plants
  which surround me are more like creatures than blossoms.
  Each orchid lives in its own world and invites me to join it
  there. Each orchid asks to be photographed in its own way.
  I merely listen and follow the instructions of each.

       In order to convey these special realms to you, I use a
  4 x 5 Deardorff with a long lens to capture the essence
  of the blossom. I use Polaroid 55 material and solarize
  each negative (much like was done by Man Ray) in order
  to create the atmosphere (or environment) in which each
  blossom lives its unique existence. Each negative is printed
  in a straightforward way on silver gelatin paper and toned
  with selenium.

This portfolio is dedicated to the memory of Gary Greenwood.

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