Frazier King - Biography

  1802 Missouri Street
  Houston, TX 77006-2424

  Born: Bristol, Virginia
  Lives and works: Houston, Texas



  Solo Exhibitions

  · Orchidaceae. FotoFest Exhibition. Sponsored By Museum of Printing History,
          Houston, Texas, April 17-June 21.

  · Orchidaceae. Kilgore College, Fine Art Gallery, Anne Terk Fine Art

          Center, Kilgore, Texas, September 20-August 17.  

  · Orchidaceae. FotoFest Exhibition. Sponsored by Nancy Littlejohn

          Fine Art. Houston, Texas, March 1-31.

  · Orchidaceae. Galeria De Arte Fotografica, San Miguel, Mexico.

          August 17-September 14.

  · Orchidaceae. Honeysuckle Gallery, Fayetteville, Texas.

          May-August, 2000

 Joint Exhibitions

  · Life In Bloom, Methodist Hospital. Curated by Anne Wilkes Tucker,
          The Museum of Fine Arts Houston Gus and Lyndall Wortham

          Curator of Photography. Five images from Orchidaceae Portfolio.
          August 20, 2007 - February 15, 2008.

  · Miscellaneous, Box Gallerie, Brussels, Belgium. Nine images from

          Orchidaceae Portfolio with Michael Kenna, Bernard Descamps,
          Alberto Garcia-Alix and Jean-Baptiste Huynh.
          December 13, 2006 - January 13, 2007.

  · Secret Life of Plants, Abingdon Art Center, Jenkintown, Pennsyvlania.

          Curated by Stephen Perloff founder and Editor-in-Chief of Photo Review.
          Ten images from Orchidaceae
Portfolio with Tom Baril and Andrea Baldek.
          February 5 - April 3.
  · Kenny Braun, Nine Francois, Cathy Spence & Frazier King.

          Stephen L. Clark Gallery, Austin, Texas. Orchidaceae images.
          September 15-October 13.

 Group Exhibitions

  · Cadeau de la Terre, Watermark Gallery, Houston, Texas

          from Orchidaceae Portfolio. December 1, 2007 - January 26, 2008.

  · Juried Members Exhibition, Photographic Resource Center at Boston

          University, Boston, Mass.  Juried by Chris Enos, Founder.  Five images
          from Orchidaceae Portfolio. June 20-July 27.

  · Florals: Masterworks of Floral Photography, Gallery Sink,

          2301 W. 30th, Denver, Colorado, six images from
          Orchidaceae Portfolio. May 10-July 7.
  · Biennial Fotofest Auction, Houston, Texas, One image from

          Orchidaceae Portfolio. March 6.

  · TPS 10: The National Competition. Texas Photographic Society. One
          Congress Plaza, 111 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. Two images
          from Mexico Portfolio. Juried by Elizabeth Ferrer, Executive Director
          of the Austin Museum of Art. September 15-30, then touring Texas.

  ·Juried Members Exhibition: Houston Center for Photography,

          Houston, Texas. One image from Mexico Portfolio. Juried by
          Clint Willour, Director, Galveston Art Center, July 13- August 12.
  · La Fontaine Obscure Annual Exhibition, Rencontres Internationales

          de la Photographie, Arles, France. Six images from Orchidaceae
          Portfolio. Juried by Nine Francois, Professor, Austin Community
          College, Austin, TX. July 3-19.
  · Annual Festival at Perpignan, France. Part of Texas Photographic

          Society Group Show. “Guests of Honor”. Six images from
          Orchidaceae Portfolio. Juried by Nine Francois, Professor,
          Austin Community College, Austin, TX. May.
  · Visual Fragrance: Floral Interpretations, Benham Gallery, Seattle,

          Oregon, January 29-March 17. Six images from Orchidaceae Portfolio.

  · Photography 2000, The STAGE Gallery, Merrick, New York,

          October 27- December 3. Curated by Stephen Perloff,
          founder and Editor-in-Chief of Photo Review. One image
          from Orchidaceae Portfolio.
  · Quiet Tensions, Texas Tech University, SRO Photo Gallery,

          Lubbock, Texas, October 4-30. Nine images from
          Orchidaceae Portfolio in joint exhibition with Ray Carofano.
  · Photographic Image Group Show, Photographic Image Gallery,

          Portland, Oregon, October 5-28. One image from
          Orchidaceae Portfolio.
  · Governor’s Exhibit, 2000, Texas Photographic Society,

          Austin, Texas, September 14. Juror: Anthony Bannon,
          Director George Eastman House, International Museum
          of Photography and Film, Rochester, New York.
          Two images from Orchidaceae Portfolio, one image
          receiving Honorable Mention.
  · Fotografos Norteamericanos—Coleccion Joaquim Paiva,

          Galeria El Ojo Ajeno, Lima Peru, September 8-30.
          Five images from Orchidaceae Portfolio.
  · Orchidaceae. Photographic Image Center, Portland,

          Oregon, August 3 through September 2, 2000.
  · La Fontaine Obscure Annual Exhibition, Rencontres

          Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France.
          Six images from Orchidaceae Portfolio. Juried by Nine
          Francois, Professor, Austin Community College,
          Austin, TX. July 2-9, 2000.

  · Junio/mes de la fotografia en Xalapa. University of Veracruz,

          Xalapa, Mexico. Five images from Tableau Portfolio. June 1999.
  · Annual Houston Center of Photography Auction, Houston, Texas.

          March 1999. One image from Mexico Portfolio.

  · Juried Members Exhibition: Houston Center for Photography,

          Houston, Texas. Five images from Mexico Portfolio, titled
          Daily Celebrations. Juried by Trudy Wilner Stack, Curator of
          Photography, Center for Creative Photography, Tucson,
          Arizona. June 1996.

  · Popular Expressions in the Highlands of Puebla, Mexico.

          Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio, Texas.
          Four images from Mexico Portfolio, titled “Daily Celebrations”.
          Juried by Rick Collier, Director, Southwest School of Art
          and Craft. March 1994.

 Annual Benefit Auction Exhibitions

  · Annual Center for Photography at Woodstock Auction, Woodstock,

          New York. 2006, 2003, 2001 & 2000.
  · Biennial Fotofest Auction, Houston, Texas. 2002.
  · Annual George Eastman House Auction, Rochester, New York. 2011.

  · Annual Houston Center of Photography Auction, Houston, Texas.
          2008, 2006, 2003, 2001, 1999 & 1998.
  · Annual Photo Americas Auction, Portland, Oregon. 2000.
  · Annual Photo Review  Auction, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
          2006, 2004 &2003
  · Annual Photographic Resource Center  Auction, Boston, Massachusettes.
          2006, 2004 &2003
  · Annual Rhubarb Rhubarb  Auction, Birmingham, England. 2006
  · Annual Texas Photographic Society Auction, Austin, Texas.
          2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 & 2000.


  photographers: network-selection 2007, Profifoto. No. 6, June 2007,
         Dusseldorf, Germany. One image from
Orchidaceae Portfolio.
No. 80, June 2003, Minneapolis, Minnesota. One image from

          Orchidaceae Portfolio.
  Photography Now: 2002; Photography Quarterly No. 85
, Vol. 20, No. 4, 2003.
          Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, New York. Juror: Kathy Ryan
          Photography Editor, New York Times Magazine. Orchidaceae Portfolio. Finalist
  Photo Review
, Summer 2002 ed. One image from

          Orchidaceae Portfolio.
  Book of Days: 1995, Thirteenth Edition. Juried and published

          by Danny Scheers. One image from Mexico Portfolio.


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